Why Your Brand Needs a Community Manager

29 October 2018
Why Your Brand Needs a Community Manager

Why Your Brand Needs a Community Manager

We’ve covered this pretty extensively on this blog before, but it bears repeating — great digital advertising is not something that”happens.”

Publishing great content to your company’s blog requires research and editing

Even the outreach required to connect with different websites and create traction for your brand is not something which happens immediately.

Simply put, if you would like your website to do at its absolute finest, you need to devote resources and time to execute appropriate digital marketing strategies. And when it comes to allocating these duties within your organization, you have two options. It is possible to either divvy up tasks and stack them on the plates of your present workers, or you may hire a community manager to handle the entire procedure.

Initially, the thought of hiring a new worker to manage your site and social profiles might look like overkill. After all, is it essential to take on this excess expense when there are many other places you could be spending your money?

Before we come up with a definitive answer to this question, let’s take a look at exactly what a community supervisor can do for you:

A community manager will write your blog posts

We all know that, for business blogging to become successful, it has to be consistent. A regular editorial program keeps readers engaged with your brand and reminds them to come back to your website again and again for new content. But unfortunately, if you add the task of blog post production to an employee who’s already burdened with additional responsibilities, you put yourself at danger of missing these important publishing deadlines.

A neighborhood supervisor — on the other hand — can take responsibility for blog posting through these tasks:

  • Researching industry trends and beyond website performance to optimize prospective post topics for visitors generation
  • Composing high-quality posts on a variety of interesting subjects, such as industry news updates, product tutorials
  • and”inner looks” in your organization’s office culture
  • Sourcing pictures for posts, producing internal links and publishing the posts to your company’s site
  • Responding to reader comments to boost involvement with your most devoted followers
  • Essentially, a community director may take your company’s blog from being a digital”ghost city” into the kind of thriving destination that you always dreamed it might be — without affecting the workload of your present employees.

A community manager can follow up with social contacts

Beyond creating high-quality blog article content, a neighborhood supervisor can be sure that the value of your articles is disseminated appropriately to your business’s social profiles. This can be done through some social-specific tasks, such as:

Publicizing new blog posts as they go live

  • Publishing other profile upgrades that prompt follower participation and brand loyalty
  • Responding instantly to any remarks, questions or complaints that are left for your business
  • Curating content from other social sources to raise your brand’s perceived ability
  • All these tasks are an essential part of social media marketing, but they frequently get overlooked when workers get active.
  • Instead of fully engaging with members of your crowd, workers who aren’t entirely committed to digital marketing and advertising plan may place social profile updates once and call it a day. While this approach is indeed better than nothing, it isn’t able to address the broad range of follower interaction that happens in precisely the same manner a dedicated community manager can.

A community manager can forge connections with other business owners

Ultimately, good community supervisors aren’t just active on your company’s website. They are also reaching out to other people in your business to organize promotional opportunities.

Tasks in this realm may contain:

  • The organizing guest article deals with related sites
  • Setting up joint venture sales partnerships with other business owners
  • Forming the relationships required to get business authority amounts to discuss your website’s articles
  • Conducting training sessions that increase your viewers
  • When taken together, the financial effect of a good community supervisor can be substantial. And it is undoubtedly true that each these tasks collectively represent enough work to maintain one full-time worker occupied. However, the energy of a community manager comes from more than just taking work off of other workers’ desks.

When you distribute tasks piecemeal through your business, you end up with a marketing campaign that looks disjointed. Blog posts may be written in a completely different tone than your social profile updates, leading to cognitive dissonance in the minds of your followers.

Hopefully, by now, you are convinced that bringing on a neighborhood manager would be the ideal decision for your company — no matter how big your business is. But what if you don’t have the funds to employ a new full-time worker? Never fear! These approaches can help you to take advantage of the power of community supervisors without breaking your budget:

Hire a neighborhood management intern

The lack of jobs for recent college graduates has made the employment economy more competitive than ever. Because of this, lots of former or current pupils are eager to take on unpaid internships to improve their resumes and receive their feet in the door with good companies.

To discover an unpaid intern to hire your community management work, contact the local colleges and ask to place a listing on their job boards. Interview applicants as you would regular workers and share your expectations with the new community manager you employ. Who knows? If your intern is great enough, you could finally hire them on fulltime in the future!

Bring on a part-time worker

If you would instead go the more traditional route, you can always hire on a regular part-time worker to manage your brand’s web presence. Not only can this save on salary expenses, but you will also avoid having to pay for benefits as well.

As a last choice, it is possible always to assess your internal resources to see if any of your present staff members have the time and inclination to handle your community administration. To take this approach, ask employees to search for ways to boost their efficiency or if they’re currently involved in additional jobs. If you can free up only 5-10 hours a week of one worker’s time, that may be enough to begin experimenting with proper neighborhood administration.

Regrettably, your business can’t afford to ignore the power of a well-organized, well-optimized digital marketing strategy. Today’s customers expect to have the ability to interact directly with their favorite brands. Consequently, failing to appeal to your potential customers in this way can cause you to miss out on an essential number of sales.

For this reason, we have every reason to anticipate that community supervisors will become as integral a component of any corporate team as accountants or salespeople. Get on board with this trend now and see what a difference a good community manager can make to your company’s success!

Your customers are on social media and are using them on a daily basis. It is important that we keep them engaged and connected to your brand so that you’re always their first option.

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