Why is Influencer Marketing More Reliable as a Social Media Marketing Technique?

30 August 2018
Why is Influencer Marketing More Reliable as a Social Media Marketing Technique? sublimz

Influencers are people who are trusted by many followers, and their preferences and opinions are supposed to be reliable and given a lot of value. Find out why this type of advertising is considered to be more reliable as a social media marketing technique.

Actionable insights & data

With Influencer marketing campaigns, brands can get invaluable data. Brand owners can get information such as important KPIs, social sentiment, acquisitions, Click through Rate (CTR), shares, comments, likes, views and more from engagement. They can use influencer marketing not just to reach new audiences but also to learn about how their own customers behave.

Authentic Endorsements & Messaging

Most of the top influencers happen to be very choosy when selecting brands to enter into partnerships with. This makes them more authentic for promoting influencer content. Influencers choose only sponsorship opportunities that fit the type of audience and image that they have. They partner only with those brands that they feel the most comfortable with and offer promoted messages that appear organic and relevant.

Demographic & Audience Targeting

A brand can opt for niche or broad Influencer marketing campaigns, as per personal preferences. It can use various methods to decide which influencers are the most appropriate, as per brand image, to reach a specific audience. Brands like to collaborate with influencers specializing in a specific type of content, like cooking, travel or fashion. While choosing influencers for campaigns, brand owners can request for information on the demographics of their followers. Such factors can be useful in assisting brands in campaign optimization to attain a particular target audience.


Based on the terms of the contract between an influencer and a brand, it is possible to reuse content from campaigns set up by influencer marketing in order to improve the marketing objectives of a brand. Influencer content can offer plenty of value to marketers against the content costs charged by a traditional ad agency or production company. When licensed, such type of content may be shared on the social platforms of a brand. It can also be used in TV, newspapers and other traditional advertising formats.

Long-term Relationships

An influencer marketing campaign aims not just the metrics but building positive relationships as well. Brands can establish a strong rapport with influencers to develop partnerships that can last and bring positive long-term results to them. A relationship with a prominent influencer marketing agency can also keep businesses updated about latest opportunities, best practices and industry trends.

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