What are Some Upcoming Content Marketing Trends for 2019?

27 October 2018
What are Some Upcoming Content Marketing Trends for 2019?

2019 Content Marketing Trends:

Content Marketing is an effective tool for promotion, and brings plenty of opportunities for businesses. Every New Year appears to bring new marketing trends to the fore, which is exploited by marketers to give a push to the prospects of a company. Here are some of the upcoming content marketing trends for the year 2019. 

Demand for original content will rise

As recent reports about Apple surfaced, the tech giant is making plans to invest a billion dollars on original content. It is rumored to be investing on original, valuable programming and go beyond video streaming to beat competition. Google Inc is also expected to buy original content from various brands and media companies for filling in gaps in content. Facebook and Amazon are also going to invest on original content. 

There will be more transparency 

With customers getting more and more desensitized, companies are likely to focus on more authentic and transparent content marketing practices. This will be more of a norm in 2019 and beyond, in order to tackle customers’ frustrations with getting corporate support, charitable contributions, environmental claims and brand advertising. These efforts have yielded success for quite a few brands, and this kind of honest promotion is being recognized increasingly as here to stay. 

Rise in content marketing budgets 

Companies across industries will be spending more on content marketing. It will be useful for content marketers and also help businesses that have less staffs to produce quality content. All in all, it will make it likelier for companies to hire many freelance writers who can generate good content without exceeding company budget. 

Overlapping of content marketing duties 

It is often tough to exactly decide who is responsible for content production in a company. Duties and roles in marketing departments tend to shift, which is true even for other business areas. There are social media managers, separate content creators and various other writers in PR and communications who are not a part of the official content production team. Thus, nobody is actually in charge of the content creation process. This type of disarray can result in very disjointed strategies in content creation. In 2019 and afterwards, an overlapping of duties in content marketing can be expected. 

Content will be taken Off-Screen by IoT (Internet of Things)

Customers are not restricted anymore to the screen that they see content in. Although there are various content formats available, the Internet of Things has made it easier for marketers to interweave content with daily lives in entirely new ways. With device pairing, sensors, Beacon-based proximity marketing etc, 2019 will see more IoT based content marketing. 

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