What are Some Killer Content Marketing Tips to Follow?

18 September 2018
What are Some Killer Content Marketing Tips to Follow?

Content really is king when it comes to marketing, and you have to be strong in the basics to be able to master this type of advertising. Here are some killer content marketing tips that you can follow, and which can be effective for the success of your campaigns.

Write bold headlines

Start with this basic tip. Your headlines have a major impact on the search result pages, and can bring in lots of visitors. Use proper headlines that can attract the attention of potential customers and even normal users looking for information.

Use powerful words or language

Powerful words are those words that convey strong emotions and make appeals to varied senses in readers. The use of words like astonishing, miraculous, extraordinary, mind blowing, amazing, ballistic, killer etc have a strong impact on readers, and actually move many of them to action. But you should refrain from the use of too many powerful words which can seem like spammy or fake. Look for balance and put powerful words in accurate places, where you feel that there will be maximum impact.

Get suggestions

It is important to study the content on Content Marketing Institute, Social Media Examiner, QuickSprout and Copy Blogger and note the content type and headlines. Find out which types of content get the most tweets and shares. Try to imitate them and follow from their examples. At the same time, do not be afraid to experiment.

Generate worthwhile content

Try to invest enough time to create content that is engaging and interesting, and which can appeal to your senses. Once you actually know what appeals to your target base, you can hit the ‘sweet spot’ and be constantly able to produce content that appeals to their senses. There is higher chance to create viral content. If you can provide readers with worthwhile content packed with information, you can expect it to spread easily. Offer enough reasons to your targeted customer population to connect with and share your content, such as special deals or exclusive offers.

Create Longer Articles / Blog Posts

With longer posts, readers get the chance to have more worthwhile information from the same article. There is higher engagement with readers and the bounce rate is lower. Your readers will like to go through your entire content and get enough reasons to share the posts with others. This can ultimately make a big difference to your bottom line.

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