Social media manager: understand his job and his role

24 October 2018
Social media manager understand his job and his role sublimz

Social media manager: all about his job and his role

The social media manager is responsible for managing a company’s brand image on social networks. A real digital specialist, he ensures good visibility for the brand and provides that its image is positive. The social media manager is in charge of a company’s digital communication strategy (unlike the community manager who executes an already defined plan).

Everything you need to know about social media management

What is a social media manager?

The social media manager is in charge of managing the image of his client’s brand on social networks. He creates the social media strategy to be implemented, is responsible for its optimisation and daily management.

He can assess his client’s digital presence and make recommendations to develop his influence with clients and prospects. He identifies potential growth drivers and must build a real community around the brand, engage in conversations and create leads. It also decides how the brand should act in the event of a crisis: Who speaks? What can I say? By what means?

His role is primarily strategic, unlike that of community manager. Although their functions are complementary, the community manager is responsible for the operational implementation of the strategy decided by the social media manager.

What can be the missions of a social media manager?

Develop a social media strategy

Knowing the specificities of each social network, the freelance social media manager identifies for his client the most relevant to his objective. This requires active monitoring of current news and social media trends. It also identifies blogs, sites, and influencers that are essential and relevant to its mission.

He then adapts the company’s marketing strategy to the most relevant social networks and formalizes it by proposing concrete actions. Once the client has validated this strategy, the social media manager can then implement it and form a team if necessary (community manager, graphic designer…).

Ensure the brand’s reputation

Using analysis tools, he performs structured monitoring and monitors brand-related publications on social networks. He is also on the lookout for news from his client’s sector and the brand’s competitors.

The freelance social media manager supervises the publication of content on social networks, ensuring that the brand’s values are conveyed. He provides his positive image and delimits his speeches, especially in response to negative comments.

It measures the impact of its actions on interactions, traffic, and loyalty using analytical tools. It adjusts the social media strategy accordingly.

Manage social media projects

The freelance social media manager has a dedicated budget and follows it according to the priorities of his client.

He also has a role as project manager because he manages the work of the actors involved in the brand’s digital communication, whether they are internal or external to the brand: community managers, graphic designers, editors… It manages the round trips, validations, exchanges…

Beyond social networks, he can also be in charge of his client’s web content: blog, web writing… Indeed, these contents, which can be shared on social networks, are essential for his work: without relevant content, it is difficult to build a genuinely qualified audience! To do this, he can also work hand in hand with an editorial project manager who will orchestrate the creation of all the brand’s content.

Train the customer

In some cases, the social media manager may have to train his client on the use of social networks to be autonomous. Thus, the client does not need to use an internal or external community manager to implement the strategy concretely.

This training phase takes place after the definition of the social media strategy to allow the customer to have all the cards in hand to succeed!

How to evaluate the performance of a social media manager freelance?

As a general rule, the average price per day of a social media manager is between 400 and 600€. Of course, this rate depends on the level of experience of the freelancer, his geolocation and his status.

Apart from this factor, pay attention to the sectors of activity for which the freelance social media manager has already worked. If they are identical or similar to yours, it is necessarily a plus!

Your customers are on social media and are using them on a daily basis. It is important that we keep them engaged and connected to your brand so that you’re always their first option.

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