Making online reviews an asset for your business

31 October 2018
Making online reviews an asset for your business

Making online reviews an asset for your business

Your online reviews are an image of your business performance, quality of business, and customer satisfaction. Make them count.

How Reviews Impact Your Reputation

There are still many companies that overlook the task of managing reviews as they remain unaware of the importance of reviews. The truth is, online customer reviews impact your business and its reputation in more ways than one, including:

They represent your brand image. Your performance, how good your products or services are, ethical values – all can be easily deduced from your customer reviews.

  • A business can get ahead of competition solely due to better positive online reviews.
  • People trust reviews to be honest and reliable, much like personal recommendations.
  • Positive reviews show that your business provides exceptional customer care, which brings in customers.
  • Good reviews are a way of indirect marketing and can be used as customer sayings or testimonials.

The stats: 

  • 90% of consumers base their purchase decisions on online reviews. 
  • 80% of customers trust businesses that have four stars or more.
  • 72% of the people believe local companies with positive reviews.
  • 86% of buyers revoke their decision to purchase from a company if it has negative reviews.

According to a report, online reviews are considered the 2nd most reliable source of brand information, second to personal referrals.

How to Use Reviews to Manage Your Reputation

Many business owners believe reviews are out of their control and there can be nothing to change them. Reput is changing that. With our online review and reputation management tool, you can effectively improve your online image through your reviews. With a variety of features and management resources, your reviews can become a resourceful marketing asset for your business.

Increase Positive Reviews’ Visibility

By always maintaining relevant, positive reviews on top without having to delete the negative ones, you can maintain transparency and professionalism with your clients and still have an improved online reputation. 

Analyze your business’ performance through the eyes of your customers. When you have access to all your reviews in one place, understand consumer feedback and demand becomes easy. Optimize your business to your customers’ liking and enjoy higher sales and revenue.

Respond to Reviews Publicly

Responding to reviews publicly is a great way to show your customers (and potential onlooker customers) that you care about them and are a professional brand that is always improving itself. 

Improving your online reputation through effective management of online reviews is a great way to take your business to the next level. Increase professionalism, earn the trust of existing clients, enhance the number of potential customers, and market your business better.

Begin today. Use your online reviews to improve and grow your business. It’s comfortable, simple, cost-effective, and convenient.

Your customers are on social media and are using them on a daily basis. It is important that we keep them engaged and connected to your brand so that you’re always their first option.

Sublimz manage it for you 24/7

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