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21 October 2018
Inbound Marketing Is Changing The Way Businesses Are Reaching Out To Customers

Inbound Marketing Is Changing The Way Businesses Are Reaching Out To Customers 

Inbound marketing is an extremely effective marketing method for doing business through the Internet. People often made use of the previous techniques of purchasing ads, getting leads and purchasing email lists to help them effectively marketing their business.

Today, inbound marketing puts more emphasis on the creation of quality content, pulling people toward the company and its product/services.  You can naturally attract your inbound traffic by publishing content that relates to your potential customers’ needs and interests. 

Four Actions Inbound Companies Need To Take To See Results 

Inbound companies have four actions they must use if they are to secure promotors, leads, customers and visitors. These actions are:

  • Attract
  • Convert
  • Close
  • Delight 
inbound marketing by sublimz

Inbound Marketing By Sublimz

There are several tools that you can use that are important to your marketing efforts such as email. 

Inbound: What Is It?

Look at inbound as sharing and caring, because it’s content that you share with you.  When you develop content geared toward your intended audience, the inbound attracts them to your business and has them constantly coming back. 

5 Key Themes Of Inbound Marketing

  • Content Development and Distribution
    • Develop targeted material that will answer your customers and prospective clients’ questions and address their needs. It allows for the sharing of your content all around the Internet. 
  • Lifecycle Marketing 
    • Promotors must start at the bottom and work their way to the top – they begin as strangers to become something more relevant to people’s needs. Using certain marketing tools and actions, they can began to transform themselves from strangers to promotor. 
  • Personalization 
    • Craft your content to personally touch the people who come upon it. You want something that speaks to your visitors and make them want to stick with you. If you take the time to learn about your leads, this will be easier to do.
  • Multi-Channel 
    • You may not realize but inbound marketing is already multi-channel, as it reaches out to people where they are and in the way they want to get in touch with you.
  • Incorporation of Tools 
    • You want the all the tools – analytics, publishing and content development to work well with one another. This lets you put your attention on making sure the proper content is published right the first time around and in the place it needs to be. 

It’s important that the marketing you create is something the people will love. Therefore, if you publish the right content at the proper time and in the right place, your marketing efforts become necessary and helpful to consumers. 

A Look At The Four Marketing Actions

1 – Attract

You don’t just want any traffic to your website. Rather, you want the right traffic on it. You want people who will become leads and are happy customers.  The right people are your ideal customers – the buyer personas, which are the ideals of what your customer are like outside and inside. 

Personas include challenges, goals, pain points and common objections to services and products. It will need to also include demographic and personal information that is shared among people who share the same type. These are the folks that build your business. 

What tools are useful in bringing the right people to your site?

  • Blogging 
    • Inbound marketing actually begins with this. A blog is, by far, the best way to get the attention of visitors to your website. If your prospective customers are going to find you, you must come up with interesting, creative content that will address their needs. 
  • SEO
    • People generally use a search engine to start the buying process. If you’re going to appear in their search results, you must be there when and where they do search. And, this must be done by carefully picking your keywords, developing your content, optimizing the pages and building links around the terms people are looking for. 
  • Pages 
    • The pages on your website are your storefront. Therefore, you need to make sure your pages look your best visually. You want them to see that your website is a beacon of useful information so that they’ll want to come back over and over. 
  • Social Publishing
    • Did you know that to have successful inbound strategies you must have eye-appealing content? Social publishing will let you share that information via social media, engaging with the prospects and put a face to your brand. Make sure you interact on the places your target buyers are. 

2 – Convert

After you’ve brought people to your website, you must convert them to become leads, and this is done by getting their contact info. If you can at least attain their email address, you’re doing well.  Contact information is a vital piece of currency for Internet marketers. If your visitors are willingly give you that information, you must give them something in return for it – e-books, tip sheets, whitepapers, etc.  Here are some helpful tools to convert your visitors to leads:

  • Forms
    • Have your visitors fill out a form, submitting their information to you. Optimize it so it’s an easy conversion process. 
  • Calls-To-Action 
    • These are buttons or links that entice your visitors to “get their free product”. Without these or a lack of excitement with them, visitors don’t become leads.


  • Landing Pages
    • Visitors who lick on the call-to-action button, need to be sent to your landing page. Here, the call-to-action is fulfilled and they can submit their information. You can use that information to strike up a dialogue with them. When they fill this out, they are now your contact. 
  • Contacts 
    • Have your leads in a centralized marketing database so that you can make sense of all interactions made regardless of how you’ve maintained them – social media, email, landing page, etc.  You can also learn how to effectively attain more visitors, convert, close and satisfy your contacts.

3 – Close

Keep going, as you’ve got the right visitors and you’ve converted the leads you want. However, this is the time you need to make those leads become your customers.  There are certain marketing tools that can be used at this point to make sure you have the right leads right when you want them. These are:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 
    • This tool will keep track of your pipelines’ companies, contacts and deals. It’ll also let you reach out to your right prospects when you need them. These systems create sales by ensuring you got the right information to engage with your prospects better each time on all channels. 
  • Closed-Loop Reporting
    • Using a CRM system ensures you know what marketing efforts are generating the best leads. Is your company’s sales team turning those leads into customers? The system will tell you just how well your sales and marketing teams are doing. 
  • Email
    • If you have a visitor who isn’t quite ready to become a customer, email is an important content that allows you to build trust with them. It can also convert them into a paying customer, especially if you catch them at the right time. 
  • Marketing Automation
    • For this process, you must create email marketing and lead nurturing that is geared toward the lives of every one of your leads. If a lead downloads a whitepaper about a particular topic, it may be a good idea to send them a series of emails about it. However, if they follow you on social media and visits parts of your website, you may want to alter the message to reflect their varied interests.

4 – Delight 

Inbound marketing is about giving informative, engaging content to your users – visitors, leads or customers. It doesn’t matter if somebody becomes your customers, you still need to give them attention. You need to continue to make them happy, and upsell to them so they’ll happily promote your brand or product/service.

What are some of the tools that you can use?

  • Surveys
    • If you want to know what makes your users happy, just ask them. Use the feedback you get from the survey to make sure that you give your customers want they want.
  • Smart Text
    • Give your customers great content that meets their needs and interests. Help them to attain their goals and show them new products that could be interesting for them. 
  • Smart Calls-To-Action
    • This shows each users offers that change based on the lifecycle stage and buyer persona. 
  • Social Monitoring
    • Keep an eye on those social conversations that mean most to you. Listen to what they have to say – likes, dislikes, comments and questions. Show them the important information that may resonate with them. 

A Completely New Inbound Methodology

The Inbound Methodology look at every step that’s made and all tools that are used. It gives power to the marketers to bring visitors and convert leads into sales and customers. This new methodology realizes that inbound marketing must be made to happen by you. And, it’s done by using applications and tools that assist you in creating and delivering content that appeal to the right people, in the right channels and the right lifecycle stages. 

Your customers are on social media and are using them on a daily basis. It is important that we keep them engaged and connected to your brand so that you’re always their first option.

Sublimz manage it for you 24/7

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