How To Successfully Produce High-Quality Content Material

20 October 2018
How To Successfully Produce High-Quality Content Material Visitors Want To See and Read

How To Successfully Produce High-Quality Content Material Visitors Want To See and Read

Are you looking to have better results from the efforts you put forth in your content marketing campaign. Well, here’s a little hint that you may have not known…

You know those 800-word blog you like to do so much each week? Well, it’s not going to come from them. And, it’s not going to happen by creating an infographic from any of the popular templates that are available. It’s not going to come from quantity or meeting the suggestions from an arbitrary publishing calendar. 

Actually, the results you get will be from you establishing yourself as the industry leader. And, that comes from the amazing pieces you create.

The research from Curata suggests that 71 percent of brands boosted the investment they made in content marketing in the last year. While this is good, it doesn’t mean spending more money and time is going to increase the return on investment (ROI) unless the right strategy has been set into motion. 

If you want to come up with a strategy that’s ideal for your brand using your outstanding, attention-grabbing pieces, then you need to know how to get this done.

Develop Amazing Content Pieces

Although four of today’s five brands tend to use some degree of content marketing, most generally don’t lay out a clear approach set up. According to LinkedIn Technology Marketing Community, only 30 percent of brands document their strategy. Other studies show that just 30 percent of the brands are consistent in executing their plan. 

If you’re going to beat your competition, you must have an in-depth content marketing strategy to reach out to your customers and boost the brand recognition. 

The majority of brands believe they’ll increase their visibility just by pushing out a lot of content. That’s not the way it works! Many companies will produce 500 word after 500 word article that goes along with their branding goals. This is a huge mistake if you’re going to become an industry leader. 

Instead of writing content after content, you need to put some value into what you write. The biggest priority you have needs to create outstanding content that speaks volumes to your customer base. How do you do this?

Come Up With Comprehensive Pieces

Experts in content marketing have, for years, argued on what’s the best blog post length. It’s becoming quite obvious that the longer the post, the more engaging and visible the post becomes in the search engine. 

The Medium research shows the best blog post length is 1,600 words – usually taking no more than seven minutes to read. In fact, the research shows an article of this length is going to get 10 times more views than standard 500-word article. 

There are numerous factors that play a role in how long the blog needs to be – it’s better to develop a valuable post than one that’s been weakened with a redundancy.  In order to make sure this technique happens, you need to spend about 10 minutes a day, thinking up of different topics that will allow you to make an in-depth blog posts that gives the reader some value.

Learn About The New Content Formats

Content formats change all the time. Therefore, you need to change so you can meet the expectations of your readers. Some of the formats you need to be mindful of include:

  • Gifographics 
    • This goes a step higher than traditional infographics, using GIF animations to express thorough processes so that readers can follow along easily.


  • Definitive Guides 
    • These types of pieces can range from 5K to 8K words or between 30K to 40K words. The idea, regardless of the length, needs to be interesting enough for your audience to enjoy and want to read.
  • Brand Storytelling
    • A large number of companies use stories to talk about their products and their background so that readers will become familiar with the brand. 
  • Slide Decks 
    • If you have content you want to share in a PDF format, then an extremely effective way to distribute that content is a platform called Slideshare. While it’s been around for about 10 years, many brands have just begun realizing its potential and using it in their content marketing campaigns. Along with embedding Slideshare images into the website, they can be shared using its network so that your material gets more visibility.  
  • Quizzes and Polls 
    • These tend to be extremely engaging content pieces. BuzzSumo notes that quizzes account for nearly 80 percent of shared content. Add them to the end of posts to maintain engagement with your readers, encouraging them to share it on social media. This will help garner some insights about your customers. 
  • Interactive Scrolling Images 
    • These are becoming quite popular. If you’re interested in the idea of them, consider doing some additional research into them. 
  • Adaptive Content 
    • This is a particular new feature, but one that’s bound to increase in popularity with technology improvements. This type of content changes in how people respond to it.  This could mean inserting the name of a cookie-tracked visitor into the website’s headline or content that makes suggestions on certain products based on the viewer’s previous shopping habits.

It’s important that you stay on top of the latest trends other brands use so you can effectively reach out to your customers and use the formats and layouts they are interested in.

Conduct Interviews, Cite Experts

An extremely effective method to create engaging blog posts and assist them in increasing visibility is to conduct interviews or cite some experts. Make sure to add quotes from experts or provide links that direct back to their material. 

The goal is not to directly promote your completion, which is why you need to find experts that would be more than happy to work in conjunction with you. What you want to do is come across as an expert your readers can’t pass up. And, they’ll do this if they see that you have a genuine interest in sharing expert insights with them.

You don’t have to use content that’s already been published. Reach out to them and ask them for a quote that you can share. If you need a little assistance in this area, check out ProfNet or Help a Reporter Out to find experts that will help you develop this useful content. 

Showcase Your Research and Opinions 

If your goal is to show your customers that you’re an industry expert, you need to do your own research, using that information for upcoming content. There are several ways in which you can do this:

  • Conduct a focus group of people who use your products
  • Interview experts in your field
  • Run experimental campaigns that gives you useful advice to your customers

Bear in mind that the research you do needs to have attention put on giving readers some value – don’t over-promote your products.  It needs to be tied into the industry and give them useful data, even if they’re not using your product.

Upon completion of the research, put it altogether in a blog post, infographic or video so that can easily see what you found out. Don’t forget to reference to them in your future material because you still want to give it recognition. 

Provide Lots Of Visualization

You should add some visual elements to give your content marketing some extra life. According to data from B2B Marketing Mentor and Hubspot, visual content is a worthwhile tactic to optimize all kinds of material. 

With every content you made, add in a visual item too. Here are some useful tips to incorporating these superior quality visual elements into your blog. 

  • Use only professional images – no shoddy stock images since they’ve been done over and over. It’s better if you take your own pictures or find another source of high-quality articles that haven’t been published. 
  • Develop an infographic for some blog posts. Infographics can be extremely engaging and a good way to share lots of information in a short amount of space. 
  • Embed videos into your content every now and then. Consider having a videos that show you or your employees working to engage with your audience, earning their trust. This shows to them that you’re both passionate and transparent.

There is no doubt how useful visual content can be. So, make sure you include them in your blog posts whenever possible. 

Overhaul The Content Generation Process 

The majority of brands understand that quality content gets far more visibility and is effective when dealing the branding process. Still, too many brands have an issue with the logistics of creating content that meets their audience needs as well as their own.  If you’re going to create the best content to coincide with your company’s brand, here are some things you need to keep in mind:

Bring In The New Talent

It doesn’t matter if you’re creating blog posts, videos or infographics, you need to find a voice that effectively markets your brand – perhaps yourself, an employees, freelancer or another professional. This person needs to have extensive knowledge and have outstanding writing skills to effectively draft the material. 

Come Up With Clear Guidelines For The Content 

It doesn’t matter who is writing the material or developing the content, you must have clear guidelines to be followed. You need to make sure to communicate these guidelines in a clear manner so that they’re followed. Some guidelines to include are:

  • Minimum word count
  • Visual element standards
  • Rules regarding interviews, citing research or referencing information 
  • Ideal tools to create video content 

Every now and then, you’ll have to come up with some exceptions to those requirements. After all, every blog posts will have its own objective. Whatever the case may be, you can create valuable content that will effectively exceed the quality standards of your brand… so long as you have the clear guidelines laid out first. 

Create A Budget For Extra Research

The majority of companies have a budget for each blog they make.  Of course, some don’t even think that far ahead. You should have a budget for your material. However, be mindful that you still need to take into consideration the time spent to research the material, conducting interviews and what not.  You want material that effectively stands out so you need to pay accordingly. 

If you must come up with a budget, be sure you take into consideration everything the writer/developer must go through and adjust the budget to meet their needs. 

Outsource The Content To Create It 

If you notice that your in-house talent can’t come up with your creative content and you don’t have the finances to hire someone full-time. This is when you can benefit from the millions of freelancers, ready, willing and able to help you.

An expert in your field may be able to create the valuable content you need for your company. Think of WebMD; it’s been using healthcare professionals for years to produce the content it needs for the website. Actual lawyers will hire a person who has knowledge on the legal subject.  After all, the goal is to have content that’s as precise as possible and doesn’t cause any legal problems.

If you do outsource, you need to find people who have a lot of experience on the topic. How can you do this?

  • Find Professionals Who Have Worked With Your Preferred Format 
    • It’ll be easy to find a write to come up with a comprehensive posts on various topics.  However, coming up with a person with extensive knowledge on dogs, building decks, swimming pool installation and more is a bit more difficult to do. What you want to do is find a writer who is also an expert on the subject.  The last thing you need to do is have unrealistic expectations of those outsourced workers. 
  • Find People Who Do Work In Your Industry 
    • When you’re going to outsource the content you need produced, consider working with people who work within the industry. You don’t have to stick with a freelancer.  You can work with a writer who puts their attention on just that subject area and who also run active blogs.  These folks may never have done freelancing before but are more than welcome for the opportunity to share their knowledge and make a little money too.
  • Testing… 1, 2, 3
    • Creating important, high-quality articles, videos and more can be a huge undertaking and costly. Therefore, you want to test out the person you’re considering hiring before you just hand them a huge sum of money to create your material. Do a small test project first to ensure that you’re both on the same wavelength. 

Make sure, when you’re ready to outsource, that you post the job in the right locations (get referrals, if you have to) and do research on the freelancer before you give them a huge job to complete.  With some foresight, you can ensure the outsourcing relationship a complete success. 

Go For Quality, Not Quantity 

The biggest mistake you can make is producing crap articles just for the sake of quantity. No, you want quality articles. 

In the Internet’s past, content mills produced all kinds of useless articles. However, with Google’s algorithm, this kind of content penalizes websites and isn’t seen by the search engine’s users.  Instead, put your attention on producing high-quality material. This needs to be your primary focus. 

Mass production isn’t going to bring your visibility like you think it will. You want the content you have spark a feeling within your readers and is a positive stance on your brand.

Now, that does mean it will take time for quality content to be developed. However, the long-term benefits associated with it is far better than the money you pay for crap content. Don’t forget to give your content developer rules and talk to everyone on your team so that the right hand knows what the left hand is doing.  

This is the only way you’re going to succeed in the digital world!

Your customers are on social media and are using them on a daily basis. It is important that we keep them engaged and connected to your brand so that you’re always their first option.

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