How To Protect Executive Online Reputation?

25 October 2018
executive reputation

Executive Online Reputation: how to protect it?

For a company, it is essential nowadays to be present on the web, to show and promote its activity, to make itself known, to inform potential and current customers of the company’s news. On the internet, e-reputation is an unstoppable element if a company wants to continue to live and develop. Indeed, this digital reputation indicates the company’s notoriety as well as its level of popularity. Nowadays, investors, partners, competitors search for an executive via Google and social networks to find out about him. Thus, when an executive is attacked on the web, it is his company that pays the consequences, hence the interest for a company manager to be vigilant about his notoriety, his image, the information that circulates about him. It should also be noted that the manager conveys the company’s values. The advantage of a good e-reputation for a manager is to enhance his image but also his professional skills. In all cases, it is necessary to call on the expertise of an e-reputation agency, which will be able to take the right decisions and apply the correct methods alongside the manager.

Presentation of e-reputation

The e-reputation represents the notoriety, the image that a company manager reflects on the web. Indeed, in our society, the digital presence has become essential to be visible, to develop one’s business and to reach a wide audience. At the head of this company is a manager who is in the front line on the web. This digital reputation can have both beneficial and harmful effects on the company’s life, activity, and development. Thus, it is necessary to fully understand the impact of e-reputation on a manager, the risks involved, the possible attacks as well as the possible solutions provided by an e-reputation agency. Indeed, very often, the leader does not fully appreciate the scope of his actions or minimizes the attacks he undergoes on the web. The agency is entirely familiar with all the workings of Google, which is an essential vector for managing an e-reputation. As a result, if the manager’s e-reputation is not analyzed, monitored and controlled, it can lead to the loss of the manager, leading to the loss of the company’s image.

The relationship between executives and social networks

In our society, digital presence is required to exist and be visible. This digital identity is built quickly but can also be abused or even destroyed in a short period. Social networks are very influential, which is why it is essential to be vigilant. Thus, a leader must know how to communicate with the community that follows him on social networks, how to involve customers and demonstrate the values, results, and objectives of a company. As a result, the image of the entrepreneur is linked to his professional activity, hence the importance of ensuring that his actions have an impact on the Internet.

– A presence as a company manager:

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, are lovely communication tools. Nowadays, they are widely used because thanks to them, the connection with the whole world is high-speed. However, this circulation of information at the speed of light can be dangerous. The main interests of a company manager to be present on these famous and popular social networks are multiple. Thus, they allow the latter to develop a relevant marketing strategy, thus opting for a social media strategy. The consumer or future customer is therefore close to the company, informed of its latest innovations and current events (international mergers/acquisitions/developments,…). Thus, consumers are given the opportunity to react in real time to company news, to follow the personality of the manager, to follow him as an ambassador for the brand.

– A personal presence:

The manager, outside his company, may also have a personal Facebook account or a LinkedIn professional account. The information contained in these accounts is also the responsibility of his company since the manager is necessarily associated with the brand. Thus, it is essential for an executive to pay attention to his personal information published publicly, comments, posts, in order not to suffer the consequences of a bad e-reputation. Also, it is necessary not to accept an unknown person on his private Facebook profile to avoid information leaks. Indeed, it is nowadays easy to retweet unfortunate information, share a compromising photograph, take a screenshot, see the director’s posts and redistribute them on a large scale. Thus, as a manager and ambassador of the company, he must know how to manage his branding. Social networks allow you to expand your circle of contacts, expand your network, show your values and enhance your self-esteem. In any case, even if the content is not the same on these two accounts, an e-reputation agency will ensure that all these parameters are mastered to help the manager’s reputation.

Recruitment of a leader: the need for credibility

When a company changes managers and goes in search of a successor, it brings importance to the credibility acquired by its future manager. The recruitment of this senior executive either puts a company to its advantage or puts it at risk, despite the candidate’s high skills. Indeed, if a candidate’s Facebook account, open to the public, shows a photo of the candidate for the position consuming or paying attention to a competing brand, the company will not appreciate this fact. The credibility and notoriety of the company are at stake in this type of situation. The company needs to live, develop, expand its network and control its image. Thus, a company needs to have full confidence in its manager, to pay attention and be vigilant on various data such as:

  • Visual data: photographs, videos
  • Written data: tweets, posts, responses to comments, the integrity of information, compatibility with company ethics, an embodiment of values

When information on the manager’s social networks may compromise the company’s values and reputation, due to a lack of knowledge of the impact of e-reputation on the manager’s part, an e-reputation agency will implement a strategy to clean up, monitor and control the digital reputation. This digital strategy prepared by the agency will make it possible to raise the manager’s popularity rating, and not to drag the company, its image, and its employees down.

The manager and the impact of his actions on the net

The manager may want to talk about his hobbies and personal convictions outside his activities as a company manager. This approach must be prepared upstream by the team of experts in charge of its reputation in the context of digital communication. Indeed, it is necessary to measure the impact of these elements communicated on the web beforehand. Indeed, they can have a positive or negative effect on the manager’s reputation.

An e-reputation agency will help a company manager to master this through robust monitoring and analysis techniques and tools. His expertise and professionalism are at the service of managers.

The company’s risks in the face of e-reputation

The reputation of the manager is linked to the company. Thus, two scenarios are required: either his digital reputation enjoys a good reputation, a beneficial image that has an impact on the company’s image, or the manager’s e-reputation has been tainted, and in this case, an e-reputation agency will adapt its strategy to improve the company’s image. Faced with a battered e-reputation, the manager cannot fight alone, which is why he must devote his time to managing his company and developing his business by letting web experts control the situation.

In summary, here are the risks incurred by a bad reputation of the manager:

– Impact of the poor image of the leader:

This image, which is not perfect, is highly likely to have an impact on the rest of the company and everything that results from it: negative image of the company or brand, impacted economic stakes, abandonment of international development projects, lower growth, lower turnover, no partnerships, risk of a tarnished image in the long term if nothing is done for e-reputation cleaning.

– Loss of credibility:

The manager is faced with a spill of negative information on the web, and in this case, his credibility and that of his company are involved.

– Loss of confidence:

The trust earned towards the client, economic partners, shareholders, risks being lost or at least altered if the reputation of this senior executive is ever abused. Thus, it is important not to underestimate the importance of social networks and the Internet.

– Reverse visibility:

The manager, in the midst of a digital storm, risks seeing a tarnished, negative image appear on him, which will appear stronger than the image that should circulate in normal times. Thus, on the web, his name may be related to this scandal.

– Loss of image control:

Information on the net appears immediately once it is entered on the web, is quickly relayed, shared and sometimes even distorted. Thus the bad digital reputation is on the rise. As a result, the various media can take and communicate this information. The manager can no longer control the bad reputation and in this case, the use of an agency specialized in e-reputation is essential to avoid further aggravating the digital situation and to ensure that this does not happen again once the reputation has been restored.

– A strategy that has been undermined:

Through its manager, it is the company that pays the costs. For example, sales may fall, partnerships may be disrupted, an impression of passivity on digital identity may be created, and objectives may not be achieved. Also, there is also a risk of staff demotivation. Thus, any damages are incurred in this kind of situation.

What are the possible attacks?

Different attacks can occur for the leader. Depending on the degree and extent of damage to the manager, a team of web experts can assist the manager to improve and save his image. Thus, it is important never to underestimate the impact of these attacks, since information on the net is very fast and their influence very harmful. Let’s look in detail at the types of attacks that damage the good reputation of a business leader:

Negative customer reviews and comments:

A consumer can perfectly well file an abusive, negative opinion on a product or service and even submit a comment that does not value the manager. In this situation, it might seem simple to delete the comment. However, since the Internet is a vast playground, it is enough for an Internet user to “like” this opinion on Facebook, so that he appears on his own friends’ news feed, and so on… The visibility is enormous, hence the importance of using an agency capable of stopping the bleeding.

Insults :

These insults, which are free of charge, are made to harm the manager. Thus, it can lead to a flood of insults from other Internet users, and it is in this example that the negative e-reputation begins. To stop this, an e-reputation agency has all the knowledge and skills to legally or amicably counter this kind of cyber attack.

Defamation / Rumours :

Defamations and rumors are false information circulating on the Internet, seriously jeopardizing the image and values of the leader. Thus, starting from a misguided Internet user, the risks incurred are significant if this information were to spread. The leader would then have a long media battle ahead of him. However, by using a specialized agency, the results of the fight against bad e-reputation will be visible quickly.

Competitive attacks / Destabilisation:

It is possible that competitors, jealous or envious, decide on the fall of the leader and thus set up a fighting strategy to dismiss the entrepreneur. The agency knows how to spot these free attacks and have them deleted from the web.

  • Personal attacks:
  • Unprofessional attacks can occur on the company’s Facebook page, the manager’s Twitter professional profile or on his LinkedIn professional page. These attacks must then be immediately controlled.

How can an e-reputation agency help a manager?

A reputational management agency can help build, clean up and protect an executive’s digital reputation. Its objective is therefore to control the manager’s digital identity. Thanks to this agency, the right e-reputation installed or found is an added value. Every day, it is necessary to know that flow of information arrives on the net, related to the manager and it is for this reason that a company manager must be able to control and control his notoriety, counter attacks and delete harmful elements on the net. Several techniques exist and are regularly developed to combat the dangerous and even devastating effects of a bad e-reputation. The importance is therefore given to not acting alone. Indeed, under the influence of emotion or anger, the leader could respond to these attacks, and it would be too late. A violent reply could damage the image of the senior manager but also lead to the fall of his brand and his employees. Thus, it is important not to react alone, nor to interact with Internet users directly but to use the computer and digital knowledge of an e-reputation agency. The agency’s expertise, combined with its extensive experience of the web and perfect mastery of tools and technologies, will enable an agency specializing in e-reputation to help the manager to control his image in the long term better. Competition between companies in the same sector is fierce these days, and aggressive attacks can be set up to destabilize the manager. In this case, only the help of an e-reputation agency will succeed in aborting the project to destroy the image of the entrepreneur. In this field, all blows are allowed, and it is, therefore, prudent to carry out a reputation watch before it is too late. However, the time spent by a company and its manager to develop and develop its activities is not compatible with the time spent ensuring the excellent reputation of the entrepreneur who represents the image and values of the company he manages. With an e-reputation agency you benefit from several advantages:

  • A dynamic team, attentive to your problem
  • An expertise
  • A group of web experts, perfectly mastering the digital sphere
  • Techniques based on the latest technologies
  • An analysis of the situation
  • Mastery of your e-reputation as a manager
  • Implementation of a digital strategy adapted to the manager’s situation
  • Control of the procedure and an analysis of the results
  • Unfailing reactivity, at any time
  • A high availability

The detailed skills of an e-reputation agency

An agency specialized in e-reputation can act quickly and efficiently. The harmful and harmful effects for the manager can be dramatic for the entrepreneur. Thus, first and foremost, it is essential to contact a specialized agency that will be able to take charge of the situation. Equipped with web experts, with extensive experience in e-reputation, this agency will analyze the situation, draw up an inventory, set up a strategy, monitor and report to the interested party on the progress of the project.

– Construction and development of the e-reputation of a manager

It is also possible that the person concerned is new to the web, and, not yet familiar with all the workings of the internet, needs the support of a specialized agency before weaving his network on the web. Thus, an agency can help build this digital reputation. As a result, information and content are sorted, comments from moderate users are moderated. The agency analyses the harmful content on the web and acts immediately to stop the media craze. Total control of the manager’s image is carried out by the agency. The leader must adopt a communication strategy, have a sympathetic capital and make reasonable choices for high visibility and presence. Thus, the choice of communication media will be essential in the construction and development of e-reputation. Also, the agency will conduct a web-based analysis using various technological tools to assess the evolution of the reputation and protect itself from risks. Thus, the leader must, whatever happens, be present on the web and manage his community.

– Protection and Cleaning

The agency protects e-reputation by setting up proper web monitoring. Thus, content indicating negative data on the manager is localized, neutralized. Anticipation is also an essential part of this protection strategy. In this way, the agency is ready to react in the event of attacks. Thus, when this digital reputation begins to grow, thus risking to hit the company hard, crisis management is then necessary. During this crisis management, an attack plan is set up in conjunction with the leader, to counter attacks and erase them from the web. Once the rumor has gone online, it is necessary to clean up the internet to repair the harmful effects of this dirty e-reputation.

To achieve this strategy, the agency has a variety of methods and tools

The different methods to protect and clean up an executive’s e-reputation:

An old article that reappears on the web, a disparaging post, a photo that is not very valuable or compromising and the digital identity is tarnished. Similarly, it is often enough to google the name of the manager and the site leads you to all private information that may be embarrassing, which does not concern the public. In this case, it is essential to regain control of your notoriety. Various methods are used by the agency to provide positive communication.

– Cleaning the canvas:

Harmful content never wholly disappears from the web, and in this case, it is essential to “drown” the information with other information. The agency will implement relevant SEO content, which will remove and reverse negative data. Thus, by searching the web, Internet users will not immediately see what has earned the manager a negative, dirty reputation. However, it is essential to enrich these contents regularly.

– Mastery of digital identity:

The agency will thus impose your digital identity on the web, leaving a positive image of the manager. Therefore, when Google requests are made, the Internet user will first see the positive reputation that comes from the manager. The agency will be able to create quality, relevant SEO content so that the Internet user in search of information does not see the attacks in the first place.

– Communicate:

An old photo reappears? A contrary testimony that has made a lot of noise is coming back to the forefront? Through positive communication, the agency will be able to help regain power and control over the entrepreneur’s reputation. A denial, official information or even a press release may be written and widely relayed to flood the web. This technique, called flooding, allows the internet to be flooded with positive elements to reverse the negative data present on Google’s pages.

– Amicable settlement and legal attacks:

When the image of the director is abused through defamation, rumors or when a hacker has tried to harm the director, an amicable settlement is provided by the e-reputation agency, so that the webmaster responsible for the harmful content can remove these elements tainting the e-reputation. Also, the agency recommends sending comment deletion request forms to search engines. However, if these various actions do not prove sufficient, after even a warning and a formal notice, it is urgent to have recourse to justice with the help of an agency and thus to initiate legal proceedings against the author of the defamatory statements. This procedure is managed by the specialized agency that follows you throughout the process.

– Use of backlinks:

A backlink is an external link that allows you to direct and encourage the user to go to another web page where content relevant to the manager’s good reputation will be created. If the backlink is of high quality, its popularity will only improve and can be correctly referenced in the first pages of Google. An agency provides you with advice on this recognized method. Thus, it is interesting to know that an agency may create blogs containing these links to re-invigorate the manager’s image.

– A digital identity watch:

It is necessary to monitor social networks, blogs, the web, to anticipate crisis situations, to avoid the renewal of a bad reputation. An e-reputation agency can establish this watch on competitive sites and sites with substantial influence. Also, this team of experts does not stop at the first pages of search in Google, thus scrutinizing the web in all its depth. Thus, as soon as information arrives on the internet to sully the manager’s reputation, it will be neutralized and prevented from spreading to sphere 2.0.

An e-reputation agency assists managers in their quest to restore or maintain e-reputation throughout the process. It provides a personalized follow-up to managers, adapted to their level of notoriety. After the first contact, an inventory will be carried out to see the extent of the manager’s reputation. Nowadays, managers are for the fact of expressing themselves freely on the net, hence the importance of controlling digital communication and adopting a marketing strategy. The web is very vast, and the information is circulating very quickly, an agency has all the skills required to act quickly, efficiently and seriously. Using methods that have already proven their worth, based on advanced technology, the agency is relying on an influence strategy to draw the attention of Internet users and web influencers to a positive image of the manager. Also, it also relies on a partnership and strong trust with the manager to lead the project to success. The expertise of the agency’s team improves the manager’s reputation, allowing him to start over on a reasonable basis. The agency uses high-performance, reliable tools that make it possible to build or reconstruct the manager’s digital identity over time. Our agency knows how to adapt to each situation because each manager is different. Aware that a positive e-reputation is essential for a manager these days, our team of web experts does everything possible to satisfy its customers. Thus, our agency puts all its skills and know-how at your service and is ready to deal with even the most complex situations.

Your customers are on social media and are using them on a daily basis. It is important that we keep them engaged and connected to your brand so that you’re always their first option.

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