How to Measure the Productivity of Your Influence Marketing?

31 October 2018
How to Measure the Productivity of Your Influence Marketing?

How to Measure the Productivity of Your Influence Marketing?

The world of advertising has changed a lot these days, and most customers do not offer good responses to conventional marketing schemes such as commercials, digital adverts, newsletters or billboards. Thus, influencers are becoming very successful in marketing. Influencer marketing has brought about a revolution in the world today and there is higher potential for this kind of marketer for your business. The job of an influencer marketer involves impacting sales positively and not simply raising awareness. It is important to measure the productivity of your influence marketer before hiring him. 

Check the use of hashtags

The use of proper hashtags in social campaigns helps in popularizing brands and brand offerings. These offer higher return on investment. Hashtags like #charity, grantwriting, #funding, #nonprofit, #impact etc are very popular and searched for across the world. You can be assured of better results with these tags and influence marketers using them tend to be more successful in encouraging more people to take part in the conversations about brand offerings. 

Know about the reputation

Check whether the influencer is reputed in the industry. The fastest and easiest way to get an expert, skilled influencer is to form a strategic partnership with a good influencer marketing company. Influencer marketing agencies put social media influencers in contact with businesses. They can improve the chances of having a safer influencer relationship. You can be assured of a stronger influencer marketing campaign that can, in turn, increase your chances of coming in contact with your customers in a more interesting way. There can be higher engagement, which can lead to big payoffs.

Find out about the influencer platforms used

You should also find out about the kind of software platforms that are used by the platform. Speakr, Traackr, Revfluence, NeoReach and Socialbook are some of the most popular ones, and are used by thousands of social media stars who enjoy huge fan followings and also have a loyal audience with whom they display consistent engagement. Many big brands like Universal Studios, Microsoft, Disney, Nissan, Intel, Ford, Forbes, HP, Sony and Verizon benefit from these platforms. Most of these platforms have built-in tools that help with content development and management to track the progress of each campaign, monitor the reach of the campaign and ensure audience engagement. If you have an influence marketer who uses these platforms, you can be assured of better outcomes for your own promotional campaigns. 

Your customers are on social media and are using them on a daily basis. It is important that we keep them engaged and connected to your brand so that you’re always their first option.

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