How to Keep Control of your Online Reputation

1 November 2018
How to Keep Control of your Reputation

How to Keep Control of your Online Reputation

A good and credible business reputation is vital to survive in the business world. The confidence and trust of costumers actually have profound and direct effects on the business’s bottom line. Recently, the significance of reputation has become ultimately apparent as businesses have to cultivate their responses to challenging situations in order to maintain their reputation and their business standing. 

During the earlier years, many businesses relied in the word of mouth by their stakeholders to build and maintain their reputations. However, in this contemporary age of websites, social networking and other means of instant communications, businesses should be conscientious about their reputation at all times and be responsive to crises that may have impacts on their business reputation. 

Having good and credible reputation can benefit you and your businesses in many ways including consumer preference, support for business, future value in the market and more. If your business show good reputation in the marketplace, consumers will most likely to choose you despite many similar businesses offering the same products and services. Keep in mind that excellent business reputation is a key factor whether customer decides to patronize your business or not. 

Components of Good Business Reputation

Your reputation as a business owner is vital so as the reputation of your business. Before you engage yourself to establishing a good business reputation, you must at least be familiar with the following essential components wherein business reputation is based upon or measured: 

  • Ethics 

Your business must operate ethically and also in a manner that is admirable and worthy of trust and respect. 

  • Financial Performance

Good reputation means a business that is financially strong and has impressive record of growth prospects and profitability. 

  • Leadership 

More than just being a good follower, your business should be an innovative leader. 

  • Customer Focus 

Your business should care about customers and must be strongly committed to them. 

  • Quality 

To build your reputation and maintain a good one, your business must deliver top quality services or products. 

  • Reliability

Your business should stand behind your products or services and delivers consistent service to customers. 

  • Emotional appeal

Your business should be the type of business people will feel good about. 

Effective Ways to Keep Control of your Reputation

If you really have the desire to establish your reputation and take control of it, the following are effective ways to help you: 

Establish Trust 

You need to keep your word no matter what especially in terms of paying vendors and suppliers and providing products and services. This helps build and solidify credibility with clients. 

Be Responsive

Answer emails and return calls promptly. This is a means of letting your customers know that you and your business give them utmost importance. 

Resolve Mistakes and Errors 

Do not make excuses of put blames on your customers especially if it’s an issue wherein you are clearly at fault. Irate customers can be your biggest ally if you try to make efforts of resolving mistakes and errors as soon as possible. 

Be Sensitive About Privacy 

With hacking and identity theft becoming rampant, you need to be aware of the sensitive nature of financial details. This is a means to maintain your business’s financial security and protection. 

Offer Value 

Offer rewards and free services to customers who remained loyal to you. Pay close attention even to small details as well as customer preferences. These can go a long way in establishing business reputation. 

These are just few of the many ways to keep control of your reputation. As a business owner, in order to build and maintain your reputation, you also need to communicate transparently and effectively and devote your time to community service. Do not just allocate your time in business operation. You also need to spare some time to serve the community. 

Ways to Establish and Maintain the Reputation of your Business

Now that you have learn ways on how to build and keep a good reputation as a business owner, you now have to learn and carry  out ways to establish and maintain excellent reputation for your business. These ways include the following: 

  • Keep your People Educated and Informed 

Giving your people ideas about business as well as the right and latest communication and marketing campaigns make them more capable of serving customers. Having educated, informed and well-mannered staff will surely have positive impacts on customers. 

  • Assign Responsibility 

As a business owner, you need to assign responsibilities to qualified and deserving people within your workforce. This is a means to ensure that the needs of customers are met and services are consistently delivered despite your absence or unavailability during business hours due to other important matters. In such way, your clients will not be kept waiting. 

  • Establish Good Online Reputation

Since potential clients are now spending most of their time online, it is also vital to establish good online reputation for your business. See to it that your business appears on the very first page when searching your business or company online. Creating strong web presence for your business, establishing its brand is vital to success. 

Business reputation actually depends on series of factors like ensuring that a business delivers what is promised to vendors and customers. If you want your business to be admired, recognized and trusted by customers, you need to practice honesty during business operations. Being responsive, trustworthy and transparent are crucial requirements for your business’s survival. 

Though this is an intangible asset, building and maintaining positive reputation is also considered to be the fundamental to relevance, profitability and relevant existence of your business. Failure to establish good business reputation can be detrimental to your business venture and might decimate the image of your business. It is therefore highly imperative that business owners be completely steadfast in maintaining excellent reputation and goodwill to their clients and stakeholders. Business with bad reputation fails so pay close attention to building a positive one so that your business will thrive for the longest years. 


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