Everyone can copy you, but no one can copy the relationship you have with your customers!

17 October 2018
Everyone can copy you, but no one can copy the relationship you have with your customers!

Customer relations is a significant area of a company’s activity nowadays

It is enough to draw a parallel between the relationship that companies had with their customers only a few years ago, and the same relationship today to realize the gap that has widened. With increasingly fierce competition, companies are now obliged to do everything possible to achieve full customer satisfaction before, during and after the purchase phase. An obligation that did not exist as strongly a few years ago, when companies were not in such an exacerbated competitive situation.

Of course, and in the age of the Internet and social networks, many opportunities are now available to companies in all sectors to implement optimal communication with all their stakeholders, and this communication goes hand in hand with a relationship established under the best auspices, and in particular with the customers of these companies. But there is also a significant risk in this implementation: the risk that competitors, again regardless of the sector studied, will try to copy what a particular company does. Questions may, therefore, arise: competing companies are free to imitate a company’s behavior towards its customers and stakeholders, but is it not possible to establish such a relationship with all these actors in the life of a company that would be impossible to repeat? Everyone can copy what my company does, but can everyone copy the perfect relationship I have with my customers? All the answers to these questions in the following lines. Without a doubt, you are likely to pamper your customers after reading the following paragraphs…

The customer relationship in a few words

As stated in the introduction to this article, customer relations nowadays appear, in the context of companies’ daily activities, as an essential axis for the development of any company, whatever the sector of the business of that same company. Maintaining a good relationship with its customers means putting all the chances on its side to build customer loyalty and succeed in developing a long-term relationship, a relationship that requires mutual trust but also a constant desire to work hand in hand, whatever the stages encountered by each player. In the past, customer relations were something natural, spontaneous, like the craftsman or butcher of a village, for example, who knew the first names of all his customers, who served them according to their own needs and expectations, taking the time to exchange and discuss with all his customers. But nowadays, the imperatives of profitability and speed that have emerged with the Internet as a tool have made customer relations an increasingly tricky practice to achieve, to succeed without committing economic or relational mistakes.

Customer relations is, therefore, an area of a company’s activity that has significantly developed in recent years, due to increasingly fierce competition as we mentioned earlier, but also to new technological tools that enable customers to be closer to the company. Like social networks or community blogs that allow all customers around the world to be in contact with a particular company and its products, all these new possibilities make direct and inevitable customer relations for all companies. Just take a close look at the websites that specialize in consumer reviews: a dissatisfied customer can leave a sharp and very negative opinion about a company or one of its products or services, and a whole community can now judge a company from a negative point of view. Speed, instantaneity, customer relations for companies are now entirely subject to all these aspects, which make them essential.

An individual relationship as the key to success

Thus, and after reading the previous lines, customer relations are essential to you, as a company manager or executive who wanted to do everything possible to succeed, as something necessary to the long-term development of your company. Of course, and here again, as we mentioned earlier, all companies competing with yours can copy you, try to imitate the relationship you have with your customers. But if you succeed in individualizing this relationship, in creating a real community around your company, around the products you offer, around the services sold, apparently, the competition will have a lot to do to imitate this same relationship. The individualization of the relationship as part of the customer relationship is an essential step to its successful development, and this step can be successful using social networks, fantastic tools that allow you to exchange with one or more customers at a time, through personal messages or “posts” dedicated to all your customers. So don’t forget to integrate your company’s social networks or website as part of your customer relations policy: it is likely that your company’s competitors will not be able to align themselves with your practices and reputation and that you will always be one step ahead of them, thanks to the relationship you maintain with your customers.

Questions that are still unanswered?

If, after reading the previous lines, you still cannot understand for customer relationship is now an essential axis in the development of a company, to understand why the reputation of your company also depends on the excellent maintenance of the relationship with all your customers, do not wait a single second more to ask us all your questions and to send us all your possible remarks on this subject. All our employees and advisors will be happy to provide you with all the necessary answers, to guide and guide you to put a definitive end to all your doubts that still exist on the question and the subject of the article. Because we are committed to conducting and accompanying you, we remain at your entire disposal, whatever your questions, whatever your questions may be. The quality of our services depends on the quality of the relationship we have with you, so we always want to do everything possible to satisfy you!

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