30 October 2018
reputation management


The term Reputation Management is a very wide-ranging and a complex term. Reputation management is basically, the deed of understanding and realizing what and how others think, feel and say about your business. Then you attempt to improve the public’s opinion of your business by learning from the feedback and reviews and deliver a better service.

As we have stepped into a digital generation, online reputation management is taken into consideration. Managing and controlling an online reputation is not an easy or a relaxed task and it requires proactive attention all the time because the online world is very wide-ranging and multi-faceted. An online reputation is well managed in most of the cases. This includes reputation monitoring, social media monitoring and responding to online reviews. Customers are encouraged to leave reviews. There are internal feedback systems and a good review promotion. 

Many organization run different reputation management campaigns. The campaigns are of two types, the effective reputation management campaign and the non-effective reputation management campaign. An effective reputation campaign can help influence the image of the business the public has in a positive way. It is a multi-faceted approach. Whereas the non-effective reputation campaign does very little or nothing to change the people’s opinion of their business in a positive manner. It works without a strategy.

Social media plays a very important role and it is an important factor in reputation management campaign. It provides a plat form for businessmen and consumers and general public to communicate with each other. The businessmen can inform customers by making announcements and they can provide information that helps in increasing credibility. Positive information can be shared through social media and it shows that the business has interests in its customers, it is concerned about its reputation and it is willing to interact with the outdoor world.

When a positive feedback is left by the public, a lot of consumers are attracted towards the business. The Impact of Online Reviews on Customers’ Buying Decisions is an article that was published on and it states that 90% of the customers read the online reviews and 88% of them actually trust them. Which means that people make a pre purchase survey and so it is important for businesses to monitor the online reviews and take out time to improve the negative reviews, comments and feedback.

A poor review can affect the business’s reputation and the most important thing a reputation management can do is never to ignore a poor review. If the problem is ignored it will do no good to the business. If the way of dealing the poor review is effective, it can create a significant impact on the viewers and customers. Sometimes, after resolving the issue, the customer could be asked to remove the negative feedback.

It is very important to realise that why does your business have a bad reputation? If the business is having a bad reputation for years, it is still not too late to turn it around. A lot of things should be taken into consideration. All the employees should be happy with their work. There should be no toxic employee who creates stress among the consumers or even the fellow employees or staff. There are many components involved in a reputation management campaign that is successful and it is important to work on all the aspects equally. Companies should also set a strategy and specific reputation goals.

If the business has a positive reputation people are more likely to trust that business rather than the one having negative reviews. It is hard for consumers to trust a business that has a poor reputation. One thing is certain that a good reputation of the company can help a business and a negative reputation will obviously let down a business. Having a good reputation is what a company’s goal should be and they should keep on improving themselves and should work for betterment to survive in todays simulated and a practical world.

There are a few tips for effective company reputation management for any company operation in an online environment.

  1. Create appropriate content: To protect the company’s online reputation an effective and appropriate content should be placed that appeals the target audience. Google reward online profiles and websites that put up the natural and relevant content. Throughout your website your company’s name should not be thread. The practice of ‘key word stuffing’ is not liked by google.
  1. Create online assets: By owning the Google’s first page for the key search terms, the company should prevent negative content appearing about the company’s ranking. A company’s website should be made. A range of social profiles should be developed such as LinkedIn, Youtube and Twitter. Blogs should be created on professional sites such as Blogspot or WordPress.
  1. Monitor your name: When you monitor your reputation, you will be alert about the problems before they blow up. Google alerts should be set up for the company’s name so that any mentions are brought to your attention.
  1. Be Proactive: Promoting, building and maintaining a strong online presence will tell the audience that are proactive. If you have a healthy online profile more number of people will be attracted toward your business and you will stand in a better position and you will be able to deal with the reputational damaging issues more easily.
  1. Own all assets: The business should try to own all the assets, even the ones they are not using at that moment. You will then have a better control over online profiles and web pages and limited amount of content will be left for others to publish.
  1. Follow best practise: You should produce such a content that results in ranking your website and online profiles on the first page of Google. Using easy language and keeping the paragraphs short is a better way of putting up the information. Long passages should be broken down by using images and bullets. Subtitles and bold fonts should also be used.

Your customers are on social media and are using them on a daily basis. It is important that we keep them engaged and connected to your brand so that you’re always their first option.

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