8 Tips To Ensure Your Company’s “About” Page Positively Speaks To Visitors

31 October 2018
8 Tips To Ensure Your Company’s “About” Page Positively Speaks To Visitors

8 Tips To Ensure Your Company’s “About” Page Positively Speaks To Visitors

Many businesses don’t utilize their About Us page correctly, generally seeing it as an awkward piece of writing. It’s too bad too! As analytics will show you, the About Us page tends to be the most frequented page of all websites. It’s important, if you want to outshine your competitors, to have an About Us page that stands out with great pride.

How Come Companies Overlook The “About” Page

The great thing about this page is that it doesn’t need to be several hundred words of regurgitated information or need a lot of embellishments to get people’s attention. The bad news? It’s much easier to say you can craft an About Us page than it is to actually craft one. Many people have a hard time getting the perfect balance between selling customers on their business and driving them away on the self-focused approach. This is why many companies just neglect that page.

If you’re going to redo your About Us page or in the process of creating an About Us page, then you need to know how you can do this without turning potential customers away.

1 – Talk About Your Customers, Not About Your Company

It’s only human nature to be concerned with “Number Uno” before anything or anyone else. Some folks may give time to charity or volunteer when they have time. When it comes to look for products/services through the Internet, people are only concerned about themselves and what the brand can do them.

One example of a blog that puts attention on its visitors is Blog Tyrant. When visitors come to the site, it’s got an “About” page that’s split into two section “About Me” and “About You” with a video that is titled, “About Me and You”.

If you don’t like the idea of being so “open” with your company, you’ve got some subtle tactics you can use to appear focused more on the customer:

Address Visitors Objectives and Difficulties In First Line

Make sure your opening sentence is focused on your visitors’ objectives and difficulties. Begin with the reason they entered your website, showing them that you know you have what they need to address their concerns. For instance, you can address marketing managers’ difficulties in locating an agency that brings together imagination and technical skills together.

Be Factual

If you’re still having a hard time to getting that happy medium in selling and boasting, then just give them the facts. Perhaps mention your client retention rate or how many products you offer each month or how many awards you’ve earned. Raw figures can’t be argued with.

2 – Let Customers Do Your Talking

When you go looking or a dentist or hair stylist, you rely on people around you. You can get customer testimonials and glowing reviews for the About page and provide a wealth of information.

Personalise Your Testimonials

Make sure you add the client or customer’s full name and important information that can boost credibility on the testimonials. Add photos of them, if you can. This will increase the trust people have in your brand. If you were voted “Best” in your area for something, mention that. It’s only instinctive nature to seek reassurance from people.

Use Different Types Of Media

Be sure that your About page is eye-appealing by using videos, pictures, infographics and timelines. You want it to capture your visitors’ attention long enough to make up their minds to do business with you.

Group Pictures Are Fine

You don’t have to include pictures of each team member. Yes, they do give people are visualization of your company but just getting head shots of your management staff, pictures of fundraising events or people working. All of this can bring character to the brand.

Create Videos

One way to entertain folks who have short attention spans is to use a video. This allows you sum up how you feel about your company in mere minutes. If you don’t have a lot of resources to make a video, consider Vine videos to give your About page a little pizzazz.

3 – Story Telling

It’s important to provide your readers with a story about your company, even if it’s not that interesting. You want to be sure that you come across as being human. Your story needs to have a beginning and go to the present, posting pictures that “show” people have far your company has come. Think of your photos as a family scrapbook, showing people how you’ve changed through the years. Make the page even more powerful by adding in social icons and customer ratings.

Celebrate Your History

Make sure you let people know about your history. Don’t be afraid to tell them about it. If people can identify with your brand, they’re more likely to trust your brand. It’s important that you add a personal touch to that page to separate it from other companies’ About pages.

Filtering Information

There’s no reason to include every detail about your company in the page. Just give them the key points of interest, eliminating the non-essential points from the page.

4 – Add Contact Information On The Page

Many folks are cautious about spending on the Internet until they know they won’t be taken for a ride. They want to make sure that you’re not just looking to make a dollar.

Contact Information

You don’t have to include your complete address, but you should give them the city location. If you’re not going to share with them where you’ve established (set up shop), they’re not going to want to spend money with you. After all, they’re going to wonder what you’re holding back.

Current Information

Your contact information needs to be current. While it sounds obvious, it’s one many companies forget to think about. If your company’s number isn’t correct or the email address isn’t right, you may lose out on the sale and sent shivers down their spines about your business.

Social Contact Details

Make sure you add in social media contact information as well as Skype, if you use it.

5 – Eliminate The Jargon

You may think you’re clever with jargon; but, most people can’t stand it. It turns people off, and they won’t want to do business with you. What they actually want, when they go to your “About” page, is to learn about who you are… in simple terms.

Make It Conversational

When it comes to writing, there’s no way better than the other. The writing style you choose will be dependent upon your company. However, you want to make sure the writing is in a way that makes people feel welcomed and content. You want the site to come across as being friendly and accessible. One website called The Adventurists have ensured their “About” page is easy to read and serves the purpose it was supposed to.

Keep It Simple

Be sure that your “About” page is kept simple by naming it “About Us” or “About Me”. You may think you’re being unique by calling it “The Journey” or whatever but vagueness can turn people off.

6 – Get Opinions From Other People

Make sure you get opinion from employees, friends, clients and peers on how best you can stand out as a business. It can be difficult, when you work somewhere for quite some time, to have an objective point of view. However, an outside opinion can certainly make this easier.

Put your attention on what makes the company stand out

If you notice the peer search has become soul-searching to find something different about your company, don’t fret too much. You don’t want to force something that just is not there. The best thing you can do is focus on how your audience is unique.

7 – Make It Reflect The Company

When it comes to an “About” page, you want something that’s reflective of your company. Some ideas is to include special features, high tech designs or eye-appealing videos. However, you want to make sure that whatever you are using fits in with the rest of the website, and matches your company. It can be too easy, when creating the page, to lose your sense of self.

Keep The Theme Going

Your website doesn’t have to be overly visual, but you should still add pictures to it. Whatever you do, make sure the theme of your About page matches the rest of the website. You want a theme going through all your webpages. The idea is to be concise and consistent throughout your entire website, so as not to distract from the brand.

Keep The Tone Consistent

When it comes to the tone of your website, you need to remain consistent. After all, their first interaction with you may not come from the website. It could come in the form of social media such as Facebook or Twitter. Look at the About page has a meeting point – a mixture of things that’s all about your brand.

8 – Test Your About Page

When it comes to web pages, there is no right way or wrong way. However, a good way to come up with your pages is to always think of them as works in progress.

Make Adjustments

It’s important you make updates to your page whenever possible. The idea is to decrease the bounce rate and increase traffic volume. If you notice odd sentence structure, fix it. If something seems to reek of jargon, eliminate it. Add videos or pictures to give it some spice. Use the data to tell you how to roll.


Today’s technology allows for pages to be viewed on many kinds of devices – laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet, etc. You certainly don’t want to create a page that a small amount of people can access. And, this is what happens if you don’t tailor your page to tablet and mobile users. Make sure you test your page when you update it to ensure that these folks can view it.

Remember, your About page should speak volumes about who you are without a lot of written content. Short and sweet with some visual effects can do wonders for your page, your business and brand. Just keep things visually appealing and cater to your audience to make a positive stance.

Your customers are on social media and are using them on a daily basis. It is important that we keep them engaged and connected to your brand so that you’re always their first option.

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