8 Key Tips To Effectively Implement An Inbound Marketing Strategy For Your Business

29 October 2018
8 Key Tips To Effectively Implement An Inbound Marketing Strategy For Your Business

8 Things All Entrepreneurs Need To Understand About Inbound Marketing

The responsibilities of entrepreneurs extend everywhere. In fact, an entrepreneur must wear all kinds of hats on a daily basis including the ever-important marketing hat. If you are to succeed in this venture, you must recognize what the strategies and practices that work today.

Inbound marketing is one of the best practices you must have an understanding of, if your business is to succeed and grow. It doesn’t matter how busy things are in your life, you must effectively market your brand in order to be a success. What are the things you must understand?

1 – Traditional Marketing Is Quickly Fading

Most everybody (91%) have unsubscribed to email lists. In fact, two out of three people (68%) who record their TV shows skip through the ads. DoubleClick suggests that the average display ads click-through rate is a measly 0.2%

HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan said the way people shop and buy things today has changed significantly, which is why businesses must be open to change if they are to survive.  He said the Internet has changed all aspects of the human life. As consumers, people have more options at their fingertips. And, it makes it easy for people to ignore the marketing efforts businesses try, Halligan said. 

When it comes to business and entrepreneurs, they tend to use the traditional marketing methods for two reason:

  • They’re simple to use
  • It’s been done that way for many years

Halligan said entrepreneurs can’t do this if they are to succeed. He said, in order to get a consumer’s attention, businesses must earn it. Rather than coming up with new ways to incorporate the business into their consumers’ lives, they need to engage with them in meaningful manner using an inbound experience. 

Halligan said he got together with Dharmesh (Shah) and wrote a book together about inbound marketing in an effort to get the attention of, engage with and satisfy their customers, leads and prospects. He said entrepreneurs need to use their brain not their wallet to because they tend to have a lot of smarter ideas. 

2 – Create Amazing Content To Compete With Other Content 

There are hundreds of channels vying for your attention on the television. Then, think about the number of social media channels and websites vying for that attention. Your customers are experiencing this as well. You can’t just produce content and think you have it. You need to education your visitors; you need to inspire them to do business with you.

You can’t always talk about your brand and you can’t sell people too often or early. Your content needs to spark an informative dialogue and discussion.  

3 – Your Website’s A Hub

Many businesses make the mistake that their websites are a broadcast channel to address people. However, your website is best when its design and content have the human touch. Rather writing content that impresses your competition, make content that individual people will want to read. 

Create a design that has the individual in mind. A conversation is going to a lot further than a large message. Make sure you design the website with this in mind. 

4 – Inbound Needs Both Content and Code

Entrepreneurs tend to think that having a massive volume of content is a necessary inbound strategy. However, they forget shipping code is also important. Free tools can help convert your web traffic into extremely engaged leads. 

InsightSquared developed the free tool Sales Funnel that lets SalesForce users to effectively and rapidly diagnose their sales funnel. Leads that use it tend to convert 20 times higher than other leads. 

If you use free tools, it can totally change your whole customer experience. Be sure to incorporate developer resources into every marketing effort to get the best impact possible. 

5 – Improve Your Call-To-Action

How much work did you put into bringing traffic to your website? Well, without a good call-to-action, all that hard work was all for naught. If they don’t know what to do next, then you’ve wasted all that time getting them there. 

Look at the call-to-action as a sign that tells visitors where they need to go. If somebody happens upon your blog first, you want to make it easy for them to subscribe to your stuff. If you get a visitor who comes from your partner, make sure the material appeals to that person who knows both of you. 

You can’t just optimize your site and feel it’s enough. You need to make sure the site it optimized to have action taken on it. 

6 – Offer Visualizations 

Eight seconds… that’s the average attention span for a person. Even if you wrote a 10,000-word essay on your product, it’s not likely your audience is going to read it all the way through. 

Offer them visual content to reduce the content clutter – make sure you stand out from the competition. If you’re not visually impactful yourself or don’t have a designer on hand, you can use  online tools to develop this for you. Or, you can have a freelancer to help you out. You can also use your iPhone to take pictures of your space, team, product or customers. 

A picture or video can speak volumes; more so than a 1,000 word article. 

7 – Inbound Give A Higher Return On Investment

A survey from 2013 showed that American inbound marketers spent over $25,000 a year, saving an average of 13% in overall cost per lead. ($36 compared to $41 with outbound). It’s far more costly to constantly put money into paid channels that give you no ROI than investing in social media and blogging. When it comes to your bottom line and brand, inbound marketing is the way to go.

8 – Be Smart On Who You Hire

If you’re going to hire an agency or in-house marketer to assist you with your marketing efforts, you must make sure their skill set is going to match your approach. You want to invest in folks that are technologically smart, have high analytic skills, have a huge reach through the Internet and can create outstanding content effortlessly. 

The present marketing world means companies need to constantly optimize their work and strategy. You want a team of folks who can comfortably work with technology and understand the approach you’re trying to make with your strategy so that you can meet your business’ growth goals. 

Inbound marketing and the success that goes with it is a science that demands a lot of experience and certain expertise. It’s important to have an understanding of the marketing basics if you want your business to succeed. Remember the above tips, use the best inbound marketing methods, and your business will make the most of its growth potential.

Your customers are on social media and are using them on a daily basis. It is important that we keep them engaged and connected to your brand so that you’re always their first option.

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