5 Trends to Hit Social Media Marketing in 2019

26 August 2018
5 Trends to Hit Social Media Marketing in 2019 Sublimz

Social media is a dynamic platform and is changing continuously, which means that there are new trends coming in constantly. It has a robust demographic where the target audience spends most of the time. Here are 5 top trends to hit social media marketing (SMM) in 2019, some of which are already being felt in 2018.

Increase in Influencer Marketing

According to research, 71% customers like to make purchases while referencing from the social websites. On YouTube, 70% of teens choose to go over the opinions of influencers instead of celebrities. Marketers are putting more focus on establishing solid bonds with influencers who have clear objectives and are prepared to promote brands.

Rise of Video Marketing

At one time, social marketing could be achieved with just posting some URLs, images and texts on social media platforms. There are famous social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook where users spend a lot of time everyday and these are used by marketers in order to achieve a broader reach. Marketers are increasingly posting videos on these websites to promote businesses. As per research, 43% users like to see videos posted from businesses. Expect more video content to hit the social media, and more of live streaming.

Greater usage of Social messaging apps

These apps are just like social media channels. For instance, Whatsapp got a billion users in 2016. These apps are expected to get more famous, and have a direct impact on how businesses market via social networking platforms. It is expected that in 2019 social messaging apps will play a more vital role in SMM. Messaging apps have a big role to play in client support.

Chatbots will be used more

The automated tools called Chatbots are created specifically for smartly simulating human conversations. Although Chatbots have been there for long, it is only recently that these have experienced a kick in the technology. Chatbots in 2019 are not going to offer just 24/7 support, but also anticipated to perform in more advanced ways.

Drop in Twitter population

While Twitter has undoubtedly played a big role in making social media marketing what it is today, it is now lagging behind platforms such as Instagram and Facebook that attract users with more number of features. Its user population is going to see a further drop in 2019, with most of them likely to be weaned away by Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Your customers are on social media and are using them on a daily basis. It is important that we keep them engaged and connected to your brand so that you’re always their first option.

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