5 Mistakes to Avoid During Social Media Marketing

6 October 2018
5 Mistakes to Avoid During Social Media Marketing

Social Media websites are very popular and effective tools used for marketing purposes today. Whether you are an established company or a startup, social platforms can play a big role in your marketing efforts. These websites give you plenty of opportunities for connecting with the target audience. However, in the absence of proper plans and strategies, your social media marketing (SMM) campaigns can go wrong. Here are 5 mistakes to avoid while setting up and running SMM campaigns. 

Not having a social strategy

Set proper goals, install an analytics tool and formulate strategies that are out of the box. Make your social strategy distinct from that of your competitors, so that your voice is heard over the social clutter. Test various short and long-term campaigns, record social metrics to improve continuously and find out how to use your account in the best possible ways to achieve optimal potential. Create a proper marketing strategy as per the target audience for your business. 

Overselling the brand

Keep in mind that social media marketing is mainly built on engagement, and not badgering people only with news and information about your brand. Social media marketers who are mоѕt successful share brand messages to drive visitors to their websites, as well as focus on building relationships with followers and sharing 3rd party content. Share 3rd party posts and engage with the community and do not just restrict yourself to brand-related posts. 

Buying Followers

It is among the biggest mistakes made on social platforms such as Twitter. A lot of new marketers feel that buying a number of followers will help them to kickstart their marketing efforts on Twitter. Very soon, they discover the futility of the same. With fake followers, it does not matter whether or not your brand messages reach to them. Keep in mind that quality is always better than quantity. Focus on establishing honest relationships. 

Not making use of Analytics Tools

There are plenty of analytics tools and choosing the best one can be tough. However, you can find an indigenous analytics platform on Twitter that lets you know how your tweets are faring with your target audience – offering details about followers’ locations, demographics, interests etc. 

Ignoring customer feedback

It is important to address customer, and nurture good relationships on the basis of positive and negative feedback. Do not ignore customers’ comments and responses. When you tactfully respond to bad feedback, you can win over customers and have your efforts rewarded.

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