10 Tips To Help Your Business’ Marketing Campaign Become More Successful

20 August 2018
10 Tips To Help Your Business’ Marketing Campaign Become More Successful

Is it easy to market to marketers? Well, that depends. If you’re talking about the solid content marketing principles, then it’s possible it can be applied to every field – boring and interesting. Many companies are making a killing with their marketing campaigns. How are they doing this though? Do you want to mimic their results? If so, how can you do this?

10 Important Tips To Ensure Success For Your Business Marketing Campaigns

1 – Get Knowledgeable and Become An Expert

All industries have their experts. While Rand Fishkin and Seth Godin are marketing experts, it doesn’t mean other industries don’t have their examples to follow.

For example, Autodesk has worked hard to establish itself as the authority leader in sustainable design. This is an industry that most people have no idea about. It’s generally done through guest blogs publications, which make mention of a company’s name without seeming like it’s self-promotional. 

When you become an expert, you can boost your profile and gain some insight into developing a strategy that’ll help your dull business. Marketer Neil Patel once said it wasn’t difficult to leverage content marketing on topics such as politics, dating and health. However, it’s much harder to do with insurance, dental and finance. This is why, he said, people don’t in these industries don’t use content marketing as a key part to their strategy.

It boils down to one thing: boring industries can benefit more from content marketing. Therefore, you’ll need to increase your expertise by leveraging your established influences and capitalizing on your personal brand.

2 – Teach Your Customers/Clients

One extremely powerful tool is education… and it works for most folks!

In order to understand this tip, look at DailyBurn. It’s an online fitness provider that has a “Life” blog. This blog covers an array of subjects like healthy eating, food, exercise, etc.  Although the core concepts of DailyBurn are clearly laid out, most shared post on the blog is about nuts – not fitness. That’s right… nuts and the role they have in generating longevity.

What you can take away from this example is that visitor education can occur on any topic they feel is most important for them, even if they’re not exactly on that company’s primary mission.

How would this work in an industry that’s not near as exciting?  Take an employee scheduling company that works alongside small business owners, which is nowhere near as popular as DailyBurn.  Posts about scheduling practices would get boring, but the site can cover an array of other subjects like:

  • How to deal with stress
  • Hiring employees
  • Small business management
  • Small business marketing
  • Small business leadership

Each one of these topics would be ideal and assist small business owners. The content is both interesting and educational even if it doesn’t relate solely to the scheduling software.

Go a little further, and the blog can cater to the end users – college students, high school kids, hourly workers, etc. This kind of blog can also reinforce the education mission by posting on various topics like: customer service, money management and interviewing.

If you like this idea, you can just stop thinking about what to write and just create the content your readers have a desire to read.

3 – Assist Your Customers

One of the most boring industries in the world has to be the finance industry… unless you love to mess with numbers. Even in the most bring industries, it’s possible to do great content marketing.

BankRate is a prime example of helping its customers. It developed auto loan calculators, mortgage calculators and tax forms to help customers meet their needs.  Since the company initially launched, the tools have produced an array of press, making BankRate synonymous with Internet loan calculators. While it’s not flashy, the simple approach is one that assist people in making smart decisions and it works.

There’s no reason for your website to have something as extensive as BankRate. Just ask yourself how the content you produce can assist your audience to make informed decisions. If you’re unable to get a good answer, then you need to think about an idea that will help your readers.

4 – Go With A Different Approach

Like finance, the real estate is another sector that doesn’t generate a whole lot of buzz.  Most real estate bloggers will begin writing on tops that they are interested in. For instance:

  • 7 Tips To Qualify For A Fannie Mae Mortgage
  • Fannie Mae To Be Hit With New Federal Restrictions

They sound boring, right?

It can be tiring to see real estate content like this over and over. However, there are companies that still writing this content and even more unique-Buzzfeed-kind of stuff that people are actually looking for.  Some titles you can come across on Movoto include:

  • 26 Experiences Everyone from Oregon Wishes They Could Live Without
  • 25 Insane Things In Florida That You Never Knew Existed

Their articles are extremely engaging, helping people to find their next home to buy. By looking through the website, you can learn more about the city, what areas to live in and avoid, what people are like and what foods you can look forward.

Movoto makes sure to include content marketing that’s both interesting and useful; not the same old boring material posted on every other real estate site.

5 – Write For Hard-Core Enthusiasts

If you think about the other boring industries out there, it can be difficult to think there are hard-core fanatics in them. However, everybody has something. It doesn’t matter how weird the topic is, there is someone out there that wakes up and goes to bed breathing it.

One of the more morbid topics that even content marketing can work in is the death care profession. That’s right! LA-based mortician Caitlin Doughty has an “Ask a Mortician” video series and she’s got a YouTube channel with more than 47,000 subscribers. Her most popular video has over 200,000 views.

It seems weird that a death care profession would rack up those many views but there are all kinds of enthusiasts, even for the morbid topics. If you decide to employ this technique, you need some time with the fanatics. Do a little research, and check out the chat rooms, old-school message boards and private groups.

Once in, make sure you listen. Use the information you hear to tailor your content strategy in order to tap into their excitement.

6 – Produce and Share Your Videos

When it comes to video success, you must consider “Will it Blend” from blender manufacturer Blendtec. Think for a moment what you would do if you were the content marketer for this industry? How would you come up with a concept that people could accept and find interesting?

Well, you’d use videos to show people how durable a blender is. The Blendtec campaign launched in 2006, which resulted in a 700 percent increase in blender sales from 2006 to 2008.  As you can see, even boring industries can see a huge success with content marketing.

7 – Use Data From Consumer Reports

OkCupid uses blog titles like “10 Charts About Sex” or “We Experiment on Human Beings”, you can’t say the Internet dating industry is boring.  What makes OkTrends different is that it uses the data of its members to create interesting insights for present and future users.

OkCupid revealed it was using its members’ data created a lot of press for them. After all, people were concerned with the privacy aspect. The experiment of it all was actually received well, and served as an example of how big data could generate significant improvement in the public’s lives.

How will you make use of data in your campaign? You need to decide on what people care most about and determine how you’ll learn about the data that support their understanding of the concerns. You can do this by sending out a customer survey or doing an Internet survey with a provider such as SurveyMonkey. Whatever you decide on, even simple information can make your company stand out.

8 – Share Stories

When it comes to the content marketing work, 2014 was considered the “Year of the Story” for good reason.

According to data, the average attention span for adults has shrunk. Compelling stories has a tendency to capture their attention, by breaking through the filters that invade the brain.

The popular TurboTax company has used the technique to its advantage

TurboTax created an ad but never once mentioned that they tax software was the best and that people needed to try it.  There was no reason to. After all, it changed a simple conversation about taxes into a story of a couple getting married and how their marriage would lead to tax implications. This is something TurboTax has solutions for. The story, not the content, is what propels the ad’s message.

There’s no reason you have to use a big ad to use the effect for yourself. All you need is the basics:

  • Anti-hero
  • Damsel in distress
  • Underdog hero
  • Nearly impossible obstacle to overcome

How can you use them in your content marketing campaign to your advantage?

You must be a little vague in this method, intertwining the storytelling principles into the content you come up with. If you do this in a successful manner, you increase the chances that your brand can make an impact on your customers. After all, first impressions count… in everything.

9 – Use The News

Do you want a rapid way to ensure the material you come up with appeals to people in your industry? All you need to is find a piece of news that you care about and create your material around it.

Cloud-based phone provider ShoreTel Sky has employed this technique. Most people know that there’s not a lot of excitement behind the phone industry. However, ShoreTel managed to convert 42 percent of its visitors using news-related material over people who saw commercial content during 2012.

Senior Marketing Communications Manager Amber Newman said using news was a way they could engage with buyers who wanted information to help them with a decision of whether or not cloud-based phone systems were right for them.

This technique is easy to implement. In fact, ShoreTel isn’t the only company who has used it. It’s done by adding an “Industry News” section to the website and collect industry-related, news-based articles that’s kept away from the main blog.

This method of giving enthusiasts current, newsworthy material is simple to use even in boring industries

10 – Give Them Some Personality

As you can see, content marketing is extremely successful for any and all industries… so long as it’s used correctly.  Still, you want to ensure that your content marketing campaign has some humor to it.

For instance, the “Sit and Squat” app from Charmin assists people to find clean public restrooms when they’re out in public. People know there’s nothing interesting about toilet paper. However, Charmin has increased its content marketing success by bringing some corporate personality to its program.

There’s no reason to build yourself an app in order to implement this idea. Rather, come up with some methods that allow you to show your business off in a quirky light. And, forget thinking you can’t use it in an industry that frowns about stuff like this.  When you develop your next pieces of content, give it some edge and pizzazz. What kinds of rewards do you use? Have you seen an increase in shares and brand loyalty? Has your conversation rate risen?

If so, then that means edgy and pizzazz won out, even in the stuffy and/or boring industry.

Your customers are on social media and are using them on a daily basis. It is important that we keep them engaged and connected to your brand so that you’re always their first option.

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